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The Indian Express

Near perfect, and doing everything well

OnePlus 5

from The Indian Express
The OnePlus 5 is arguably the best Android phone you can buy. There are better phones out there, but then this is way more affordable than a Google Pixel XL or a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus making it a far better proposition for the buyer. OnePlus has again shown that a flagship phone does not really need to be priced at the higher end. It has also shown that you don’t really need a big gimmicky feature to make a flagship appealing, just doing everything well will do. The OnePlus 5 is sure to extend the company’s domination in the mid-rung for at least a few more months... Full review

Seems to be refining a winning formula rather than slaying flagships

OnePlus 5

from NDTV

Loyal OnePlus fans and enthusiasts alike have been hoping that the OnePlus 5 would be yet another breakthrough product, especially since the company skipped the number 4. As it turns out, the new model is more of an iterative update to the OnePlus 3T, and after reviewing this phone, it feels a bit like it was rushed out in order to meet a deadline. On one hand, we have some notable changes like the more comfortable design and a better primary camera, and the improved specifications result in a significant boost in performance, but there's nothing about this phone that renders its predecesso... Full review

Fone Arena

Spec sheet is solid as always

OnePlus 5

from Fone Arena
OnePlus as a company is now at a stage where it must demonstrate the kind of innovation it can bring to the table. A race to the bottom in terms of price is not something that it can sustain because it is all too easy for other brands to catch up. With the OnePlus 5, the company has started making headway towards the premium end of smartphones and is very vocal in admitting where it’s ambitions lie... Full review
Expert Reviews

Not the OnePlus 4, but still the best OnePlus yet

OnePlus 5

from Expert Reviews
OnePlus has a solid flagship killer with its OnePlus 5. This is the best smartphone the firm has ever produced, at least as far as first impressions go, and I’m already thoroughly impressed with what the Chinese firm has been up to since the 3T’s launch... Full review

Not as cheap as previous models, but still great value

OnePlus 5

from TrustedReviews

It’s not quite the revolutionary step forward that the OnePlus 3 was, but there are solid improvements across the board. I can’t see anyone picking up this phone and feeling short-changed or disappointed. I do think the higher price does make some of its shortcoming more noteworthy, though, and I feel some areas have been improved that were sufficient anyway – such as the RAM – while more vital but less glamorous bits like Wi-Fi and audio were left unimproved. I'd also have liked to see some form of water-resistance here, as that's becoming almost a prerequisite... Full review

Android Police

Proof that OnePlus is here to stay

OnePlus 5

from Android Police
The OnePlus 5 does look a little like the iPhone 7 Plus, a comparison that will no doubt dog it throughout its life cycle. The similarities are not as damning in person, though. The lines are like a refined version of the OnePlus 3T. A bit more rounded and cleaner, but still a OnePlus phone. It's the dual camera array that gives it that iPhone vibe. There's not much to argue about internally; the OP5 has a Snapdragon 835, dual-SIM support, 6-8GB of RAM, and 64-128GB of storage. There's no microSD card slot, though. It's fast and well-optimized... Full review

Dual-lens camera and top dog for performance

OnePlus 5

from TechRadar
The OnePlus 5 may not be as cheap as the company's previous handsets, but it's one of the best phones on the market right now. A great camera, phenomenal performance and a premium design combine to make this a fantastic buy for anyone looking for a more affordable flagship phone... Full review
Android Authority

The Never Settle promise lives on

OnePlus 5

from Android Authority
The OnePlus 5 may be the most expensive flagship from OnePlus to date, but it is jammed pack with features and comes with an insane spec sheet that makes it worth every penny and still provides the best value for an Android flagship... Full review

Competitive edge is still there and quite intact

OnePlus 5

from GSMArena
The OP5 is doing again what OnePlus does best - deliver cutting-edge hardware at an unbeatable price. It may be the most expensive phone by the company to date, but still good value for money regardless. The OP5 is powerful and capable in plenty of meaningful ways, while clearly more affordable still than the likes of the iPhones and Galaxies... Full review
PC Advisor

One of the fastest, best-designed phones of the year

OnePlus 5

from PC Advisor
The OnePlus 5 is a logical refinement of the young company’s back catalogue. It marries solid design with excellent software in a package under £500. But a year ago, it did this all for a sliver over £300.The phone feels like the end of OnePlus phase one and a bridge to whatever the company does next. It might not be the obvious bargain price OnePlus is known for but it's still significantly cheaper, is incredibly fast and has improved cameras... Full review


OnePlus One

Do not expect the phone to last more than 1 year. I bought 2 phones both are faulty and need fixing after 1 year, in the first all microphones stopped working - the standard one and the one that is used when on speaker. The other had the dead phone effect - blacked out completely. Thsi is not a flag... More
Do not expect the phone to last more than 1 year. I bought 2 phones both are faulty and need fixing after 1 year, in the first all microphones stopped working - the standard one and the one that is used when on speaker. The other had the dead phone effect - blacked out completely. Thsi is not a flagship killer its a dead flagship! Less

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