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My doro 8030 will no longer swipe


Check credit balance on doro 612


Can I get WhatsApp on doro 6520

Forward email from Doro 8030

  • 1 Answer

Where Cut the ringtone for iPhone?

  • 1 Answer

How to turn off the answer phone on Doro 6030

  • 1 Answer

How to reset simlock counter p8lite ale-l02

  • 1 Answer


Can you suggest a flip phone for my mother?


Device showing abnormal charging patterns

Screen/power off/restart issues & cryptic download message.

  • 1 Answer

Doro6030 message light continually flashing green

  • 1 Answer

Does anyone have the phone companys number?

  • 1 Answer

S7 edge

  • 1 Answer


Does this phone read documents

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