How to close Solo Mobile account?

I would like to close my count because i will be moving out of the country tommrow morning

Thank you,
Harbhajan, Jaspreet
(780)257-6797 & (780)660-1713

Call Solo Mobile customer service to inform them that you want your account to be closed.
You must pay an amount, plus applicable taxes, equal to the greater of $100 or $20 per month for each month remaining in your Service Commitment Period, to a maximum of $400, due to termination of your monthly rate plan; and an amount plus applicable taxes, equal to " the Data Credit" divided by the total number of months in the Service Commitment Period, multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Service Commitment Period after termination, due to termination of your data plan or feature which you committed to receive during the Service Commitment Period. Both amounts (plus applicable taxes) shall be payable if you terminate both monthly rate and data plans, or a combined monthly rate and data plan, before the end of your Service Commitment Period. source

Solo Mobile Customer Service:
From your mobile phone: Dial #7656
From any phone: 1-877-999-7656

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