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Among the smoothest Android phones I’ve used to date

Essential Phone

from WhatsYourTech
It’s undoubtedly one of the smoothest Android phones currently available, though achieves this partly by refraining from adding anything of its own. Addition by subtraction is really the theme encapsulating this device, which will surely please those looking for it... Full review
Talk Android

A premium device running clean, stock Android

Essential Phone

from Talk Android
I would definitely recommend the Essential Phone to anyone looking for a well-built flagship, especially an Android purist. As long as photography isn’t your top priority, there’s a lot to like with Rubin’s first effort... Full review
Ars Technica

Impressive for a new company but not competitive

Essential Phone

from Ars Technica
If we're not grading on a curve, the Essential Phone's camera, screen, water resistance, and the lack of memory expansion can't compete with other flagship Android phones. If you're pricing a phone at $700, you need to compete with the other $700 phones, and Essential's first phone just can't do that. It's hard to see anyone buying an Essential Phone after looking at the competition... Full review

Not the smoothest execution

Essential Phone

from PhoneArena
The Essential phone is a beautifully crafted piece of technology. Despite the bugs, the device feels really, really good in the hand. The phone’s design works. The screen’s design works too, regardless of concerns one might have had with the front facing camera placement. Unfortunately, that is where the allure begins, and ends... Full review
Android Police

Essentially okay

Essential Phone

from Android Police
The Essential Phone is an impressive piece of hardware, and the company deserves kudos for that. Essential built a device with materials that set it apart from the competition, and one that many established smartphone makers would probably struggle to build. Yes, it's a little heavy and basic-looking, but the titanium/ceramic chassis feels durable and different than every other phone out there. I don't like that there's no headphone jack, but this is a battle we're going to lose. At least Essential includes an adapter... Full review

We deserve more than this unfinished phone

Essential Phone

from Cnet
I can't recommend the Essential Phone with a clean conscience. Despite having two extra months to work on it, the phone I'm holding still feels unfinished in too many ways, and too many of the reasons you'd buy an Essential Phone -- a wide variety of modular accessories, quick Android updates, seamless interaction with all your smart home devices -- are based on promises the company has made... Full review
Android Headlines

Not very essential

Essential Phone

from Android Headlines

On paper, the Essential PH-1 seems like it would be a winner in almost every category. From the gorgeous and stylish build, to the extensive care that has gone into the design and material choices for the phone, there’s little on the outside to make you think this would be a bad experience. Even the benchmark results and internal components fit within the frame of a $700 phone, however this facade breaks down once the phone is used. You’ll find little to justify the high price tag, no matter if we’re talking features or the overall experience, and the whole package feels m... Full review

Mobile Syrup

No one said hardware was easy

Essential Phone

from Mobile Syrup
At the moment, the Essential Phone represents a promise. It will be exciting to see what the team that built this phone goes on to do next, especially since they got so much right, but when it comes to consumer electronics, it rarely makes sense to buy a promise... Full review
The Next Web

A stunning phone that feels incomplete

Essential Phone

from The Next Web
The PH-1 makes compromises like every other phone, and its default camera experience is confusingly poor. But its blend of premium hardware, great battery life, small bezels, powerful specs, and stock Android is hard to find elsewhere. That combination alone makes the PH-1 one of the best phones of the year for Android purists. If Essential can do something about its camera app, maybe it will be a great phone for everyone else too... Full review
Tom's Guide

Beautiful but not fully baked

Essential Phone

from Tom's Guide
While the Essential Phone sports a jaw-dropping design and a smart system for adding on modules, its mediocre camera and below-average battery life hold it back... Full review

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