Specs summary


The Sidekick 4G's screen is 3.5 inches with 480 x 800 pixels resolution.


There is a ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz processor (CPU).


The phone runs on the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system (OS).

3+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 3+ megapixel camera. There is also a secondary front facing camera useful for video chat and self portraits.
135 MB

Internal memory is 135 MB. An external, MicroSD (up to 32 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 1500 mAh battery. Samsung's performance ratings are 19 days standby time, 390 minutes (2G).

It carries the name of a heralded messaging device, some might even say "the best" messaging phone, yet it runs a modern, internet-loving smartphone operating system.

- Dan Seifert , MobileBurn 

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The latest iteration of the Sidekick runs on the new, 4G network and is powered by Android 2.2. Retaining its unique sliding approach, a fast horizontal spring-slide that leaves the screen at a slight inclined angle, the Sidekick 4G offers a 3.5 inch touchscreen generating an impressive 480 x 800 pixels. Of course, you also get a full and spacious QWERTY keyboard.

Packed inside this now iconic phone you'll find a 3MP camera, video record, and a second camera for video calling. Add an MP3 player, native YouTube support, full internet browser with Facebook and Twitter support, and you have a fun slider packed with features people want.

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But this latest version of the Sidekick offers some surprising additional features, such as tethering and DLNA support, putting it squarely at the top of many customer wish lists.

Rounding out the feature list you'll find GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, expandable memory up to 32GB via microSD, and the always welcome 3.5mm headset jack.

To this writer anyway, it looks like the Sidekick has grown up gracefully, and continues to be relevant as a smartphone option full of fun and productive features that will keep any user busy and fulfilled for some time.

Reviews (7.9/10 Avg. rating)


It's solid, stable, feature-packed and incredibly stylish for the price

from Engadget

The growing Android empire has legions of slatephones big and small, and a growing stable of physical QWERTY devices led by the likes of HTC's G2 / Desire Z, Samsung's Epic 4G, and of course the Motorola Droid 2. All of those play at the higher end of the market, though, where folks can afford phones built from metal or filled with organic LEDs, while this perfectly passable Sidekick 4G rings up at just $100 on contract. It's solid, stable, feature-packed and incredibly stylish for the price, and we don't think it's an exaggeration to say it might single-handedly raise the bar for what a mi... Full review


A good choice for primarily messaging-oriented entry level customers, and slightly more advanced users alike

from Brighthand

Looked at solely on its own merits, the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G is a very solid device. It's got nice build quality, a great keyboard, fast performance, and an ergonomically comfortable design for messaging. However, it's when you look at the device in the context of its $100 suggested retail price that it becomes a hit. Samsung and T-Mobile have delivered a solidly mid-range experience, on a solidly low-end budget. The result is a phone which I don't hesitate to recommend as being one of the best entry-level smartphones I've used. While it may not match the flash and bang features of the high... Full review


Excellent for social networkers or first-time smartphone owners

from Macworld
The Sidekick won’t appeal to everybody: it’s no dual-core, large screen, enterprise-heavy super phone. But then again, that’s not really what the Sidekick brand is all about. It’s not really meant to be used in the boardroom. The Sidekick was designed for social networkers, first-time smartphone owners and people who really appreciate a good QWERTY keyboard. I think the Sidekick succeeds at what it sets out to do and more. For $100, you get a 4G phone with some fantastic messaging capabilities and a fun but useful design... Full review

A solid Android device with an amazing keyboard, fast Internet speeds, and great battery life

from IntoMobile
As an old Sidekick user, I can confidently say that this will definitely appeal to Sidekick users from days of yore, and it might even steal some of the kids who flocked over to BlackBerry when Sidekicks started slipping and taking a back seat to everything else. Even though it’s made by a new manufacturer with a new OS and more powerful guts, it’s unmistakably a Sidekick from a mile away... Full review
Laptop Magazine

Thanks to a best-in class keyboard and fast data speeds, the Sidekick 4G is a great value-priced Android phone for messaging mavens

from Laptop Magazine

The Sidekick is back in a big way. For just $99, this well-designed Android phone offers a wealth of messaging features, fast data speeds, and a superior keyboard, making it a great choice for smart phone hipsters on a budget. Android purists who crave a keyboard will likely prefer the T-Mobile G2 for its stock interface and larger display, but that device costs $100 more. If you're not set on T-Mobile, we like the $149 Evo Shift 4G for Sprint for its even faster 4G speeds and 720p video recording. While the interface isn't for everyone, the Sidekick 4G is one of the best smart phones you c... Full review


Great keyboard, snappy response, and good battery life

from MobileBurn

Thankfully, the Sidekick 4G holds true to most of the qualities of its predecessors. The must-have QWERTY keyboard is present and accounted for, and there are plenty of tweaks throughout the operating system designed to focus the user's attention on messaging. Of course, since it is a full-fledged Android device underneath its messaging skin, the Sidekick 4G benefits from a great browser and a very strong app ecosystem.

The Sidekick 4G turns out a great user experience and was a real pleasure to use throughout our review period. While it is not the most svelte device we have ever... Full review

Phone Scoop

It offers an abundance of messaging capabilities and a great keyboard

from Phone Scoop

The Sidekick 4G is clearly not Samsung's best effort, nor is it Samsung's worst. It has a few nifty innovations, and one of the best keyboards I've used in a long time. It does well at the basics, such as call performance and battery life, though my review unit displayed a propensity for signal inconsistency.

Messaging options are numerous, and include Group Text and Cloud Text for the first time. Surely the target demographic for the Sidekick 4G will enjoy those. The camera performs merely OK for this class of device, and the media options are better than normal.

My... Full review

Android Community

The Sidekick 4G truly sets apart from the rest of the Android pack

from Android Community
If you’re used to our most modern review series here on Android Community, you’ll notice a lack of a few things, most notably benchmarks comparing this phone to its compatriots. Why would I skip such a series of tests? Because they don’t matter. What Samsung and T-Mobile have done here with Google and the Sidekick brand is to finally, truly set an Android device apart from the rest of the pack. Processor speeds and rooting ability be forgotten – this is it. This is a brand new direction for smartphone creators to take... Full review

Fast download speeds, great text entry system and a processor that can handle all tasks

from GigaOM

For the text messaging teen who wants a smartphone experience, the Sidekick 4G is a must-see. I raised concerns with the T-Mobile folks about the added expense of a data plan, but they pointed out that the $10 monthly plan that includes 200 MB of data qualifies the Sidekick 4G for the $99 cost. That could be enough data for some, provided the kids use Wi-Fi where available.

Both my children are sad to see the Sidekick 4G review unit go back, which definitely says something. And I understand the appeal, since both are current smartphone users who send thousands of text messages pe... Full review


This modernized Sidekick will undoubtedly keep up with the demanding needs of the no talk and all messaging personalities

from PhoneArena

Believed at one point to be utterly annihilated from existence, which blackened its reputation somewhat with the mini meltdown that occurred back in late 2009, the lovable Sidekick line is alive and beating once again. Still placing its emphasis on the messaging and social networking oriented aspects, the reincarnated T-Mobile Sidekick 4G brings back the popular line with its new manufacturer in Samsung and involvement with the Android platform – as opposed to the forgettable Danger OS which previously powered the Sidekick. Naturally, the handset has been given a modernized ma... Full review

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