The following Top 10 list will help you get more out of your cell phone. Enjoy!

Price Check
If you are out shopping and want to be sure you are getting a fair price, dial 1.888.FRUCALL and enter the bar code number of the product. You will be given information on what you are looking at and provided with comparative online pricing. It's free. It's fun, and it's a great way to shop smart.

Get sports, news, weather and more
Dial 1.800.555.TELL. The menus are easy to follow and you'll have your stock quote in no time

Free 411
1.800.FREE.411. This full-featured information number saves you $1.49 each time you use it.

Find pizza palors, salons, pharmacies and more: Just use the Google short code 46645. You simple send a text to that short code and include as much info as you can, i.e. pizza syracuse new york 13212. Tap the send button and Google will send you text messages almost instantly with business names, locations and phone numbers.

Need to get out of a meeting? Has a date gone horribly wrong? to the rescue! Using this service you can schedule a predetermined time for the service to call your phone. A voice will come on the line and start talking as though it were a friend. You can even select a male or female voice

Get Maps and Directions
Check out Google's mobile website. Their mobile maps have much of the same functionality as their full desktop version, including zoom, satellite or street views, and the ability to plug in two locations and receive step by step directions.

How to let someone down gently
The Rejection Hotline is a fun number to give out if you don't feel like sharing your digits. 703.912.1725 brings you to a very funny recorded message.

Photo Fun
If you are running on a GSM network, and 70% of the world is, then you can have lots of fun with short codes and pictures. Snap a picture of yourself, type in the subject line and send it to short code: 7799. You will receive back a photo that will morph your picture into an animal. Very cool.

No Service, no problem
Use 112 for emergency dialing, even if you are out of range or if your phone is locked.

If you like any of these tips, load them into your cell phone's address book so they will always be handy. For example, I use the Google short code 46645 all the time, so I created a contact, labled it "Google" and for the phone number I just typed in the short code 46645. Now I can send a message to that "contact" any time I need to locate a post office, pizza, etc. I also have a contact labled "Free 411", which I use anytime I need operator assistance.

Good luck and have fun!