When I started Cellphones.ca nearly 12 years ago, I did so because I wanted to help people find the best plan and cellphone from what even then seemed like an overwhelming choice of flips and bricks.

Since that time we've watched the entire world be transformed by mobile phones and been lucky enough to welcome hundreds of thousands of Canadians to our site each month.

Internet high five!

But here's the thing. While we've always kept the product information up to date for you, I'll confess we've not done as tidy a job as we could have.

That changes today with the launch of a brand new site we're calling...The Informr. It's the start of a renewed commitment to helping you, and your hard-earned dollar, discover the best products / services. 

In addition to new domains for our friends in America and the UK, we've added dozens of new simplified features, given things a fresh coat of paint, and made it all work nicely on across desktops, phones and tablets.

Why "The Informr"

Only because the domain was available. :) But more seriously because we liked it. It represents our mission to help inform people so they can make smart, happy purchases and get the most of what they already own. 

Cool. What's Next?


Our small but talented team (you guys are awesome) has re-engineered The Informr towards becoming a prettier, more powerful platform from which we can quickly deliver you great new content and tools.

Keep your eyes out for more useful plan comparisons, more interesting features, curated accessories collections and much more in the weeks to come.

And of course we'll be listening! Your feedback and suggestions are important and will shape our future.

I hope you'll visit often, get involved, and subscribe to our newsletter (one handy email each Friday).

See you soon.