Like most Apple features, Facetime is a solid, polished service. When it comes to one-on-one video chat, there’s few things that can compete. But it falls flat if you want to talk to more than one person. Fam hopes to change that. Currently it runs through iMessage--so using it isn’t quite as simple as FaceTime. However, the developers plan to offer a standalone app soon! If you’re an Android fan, Facebook Messenger recently updated to allow up to 50 video call participants as well!



Many tablets make claims that they can replace your laptop or desktop. But we’ve always had a major issue with this--keyboards. Touch interfaces just aren’t great for heavy productivity work and small Bluetooth keyboards aren’t much better. The Canopy hopes to help with this by providing a case for your Apple Magic Keyboard that works with your tablet. We think it’s a great idea. You can take it from device to device and enjoy a typing experience similar to a computer on your tablet.



We liked Mogees take on turning the world around you into a game. Augmented reality or GPS games are nice, but you don’t always want to walk 3 miles to play a game or strap on a headset. With Mogees, you just rest the pod on a flat surface and play. If they keep with their promise of free games to use it, we think it's a fun and unique value.



Retro-apps and filters aren’t exactly in short supply on the App Store, but we thought Darkr’s approach was interesting. The app simulates the process of developing your photos in a darkroom without any of the hassle. While you’re limited to black and white images in the end, the level of customization available is pretty cool!

ARiNA by Muemma


Bluetooth Speakers haven’t changed a whole lot in appearance over the years. In most cases, you’re left with a choice of rectangular, triangular or round. The ARiNA stood out to us not just for it’s good looks, but the added functionality it offers. You can use the built-in curve as a phone stand or a place to stash your keys or other light items. All without impacting the sound!

VSCO App Updates (to support RAW images)


This fan favorite camera app was featured in our Best Camera Apps at the start of the year. With it’s latest update--and a supporting phone--you can now edit images from RAW for added flexibility. The app was already a solid recommendation due to its extensive filter set and ease of use, with this update, it brings a bit of power-user fun to the party. We could definitely see this VSCO update shifting the rankings for our 2017 round up!

Lamp Champ


Capable of pushing out up to 2 amps, these little chargers screw into any standard light bulb receptacle to provide charging for phones or tablets. The idea seems great to us as we’re almost always next to a lamp when reading, checking email or watching movies on our tablets. No more winding charging cables around end tables or across the room! We could also see this being great for travel use. No more worries about adapters or open outlets, just use the lamp!

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