Mobile Tech 019: This Week's Picks

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Sometimes we run across things that blow our minds.

Something like the iXoost Esavox Bluetooth Speaker.

800 watts, 15 speakers and authentic Lamborghini parts? WHAT?!! Oh yeah, and a $21,000 price tag.

We’re pretty sure this isn’t on your holiday wish list, but we had to share.

Airports by flightSpeak


For many, the holiday season means visiting family. If that means flying, Airports hopes to help! While the interactive map is cool, we think the information in the app is the best feature. From wait times at security checkpoints to reviews and access information for airport Wi-Fi networks, it’s like a travel guide for travel hubs! There’s even coupons from airport shops to help lessen the sting of those often forget travel essentials.

New Moto Mods: The Mophie Juice Pack & Incipio Car Dock


Critics of modular phone design have repeated since the first models released that a modular phone will only be as useful or successful as its modules. These two mods for the Moto Z add a larger battery pack than the previous module and a handy vent mount for the car. Definitely handy things to have. And no more suction cups or weighted bases holding your expensive phone to your dashboard!



If you’re anything like us, you’re probably juggling a handful of email accounts on a daily basis. There’s the one for work, your personal email, that other personal email and a few others in the mix. While many apps offer a consolidated approach to email, few offer more than a list of inboxes. Alto brings a universal inbox approach to both mobile and webmail. It also includes advanced features to help organize information, display reminders and make managing the daily flood of emails simple.

Ravean Heated Jackets with Charger


We’ve featured battery packs in our newsletter, but never one you could wear! Reviews on the item are still coming in, but the idea seemed useful enough that we’d consider picking one up. The jacket itself is quilted for extra insulation and includes a heater to keep the cold out while you’re on the go. The heater is powered with a 12000mAh battery pack. But the real surprise to us was that you can use the pack to charge your phone! This could put a whole new spin on Pokemon Go this winter.



As more of our daily expenses transition from one-time purchases to monthly or yearly subscriptions, keeping track of all those renewal dates is a pain. It’s easy to completely miss small recurring subscriptions in the sea of transactions each month as well. Trim hopes to help you wrangle these costs using an intuitive chatbot interface. From notifications on balances to cancelling subscriptions, most features are only a quick text command away.

Coolwell iPhone 7 Case


Leather phone cases look nice, but the latest case from Coolwell takes it to a whole new level. By adding 2 money slots, 12 card slots and a protective TPU holster to their case, they’ve created a seamless blend between phone case and wallet. While we’re not sure how handy it would be to hold your entire wallet up to your ear to talk, the case has openings for the speakers and ports of your iPhone 7 to ensure you can make things easier with any accessories you might have or charge your phone without having to remove the case.

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