With the recent Yahoo Hack, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of the importance of using unique passwords during your online adventures.

One of the biggest threats when a hack like this happens isn’t someone using your password to check your email, it’s the possibility that they can take that password elsewhere and use it. As highlighted in this Wired piece, complex passwords don’t matter if they’re duplicated across the web.

Be unique, stay safe!



Keeply App Screenshot

There’s plenty of options out there for storing your passwords on your phone or tucking away those personal pictures or messages you might not want others seeing. But most require syncing with cloud services or external servers. Even fewer allow you to store both data and passwords. Keeply offers a private space on your iOS device, backups to local computers and even a fake PIN feature if you’re coerced into unlocking your Keeply storage. Sounds like the ideal way to stay secure to us!

MIOPS MOBILE: The World's Most Versatile Camera Remote


MIOPS MOBILE Product Image

Combining the sensors and interface of a smartphone with the visual quality of your DSLR, the MIOPS MOBILE expands your options for shooting photos--all without having to touch your camera. While it’s limited to Bluetooth range, we see serious potential in capturing some once-in-a-lifetime shots with this handy accessory.

Phone Makers Could Cut Off Drivers. So Why Don't They?


Phone Resting in Car Seat with Bear Trap

More and more, the news brings stories of someone sending one last text seconds before tragedy strikes. Distracted driving is a problem. Worse still, it’s avoidable. Your phone probably has features to stop it--they’re just not activated. Yet, it seems Apple’s had a patent to block phone use while driving without a driver’s permission for a few years now. Why aren’t manufacturers flipping the switch? The New York Times recently dug into the issue.

Google Allo


Google Allo App Screenshot

Google’s Allo is finally out and combines the power of a messaging app with the all-seeing eye of Google’s data centers. No more having to pop out of your messages to search ticket times, book a table at a restaurant or look for a hotel room. Just tag Google into the conversation and watch the magic. Originally, Google promised ways to keep the app from storing your data while still providing results. But it seems their story is changing and it has people--including Edward Snowden--on the fence about jumping on board Google’s latest app venture.



Record the Call Logo

Recording phone calls is tricky on many devices due to permissions. RecordTheCall changes all of that by taking the need for an app or extra device out of the mix entirely. Simply route your call through their service or conference call them into the call and you’ll get a text with a link to up to 10 minutes of recorded audio when you’re done!



Sworkit App Screenshot

Looking for a way to turn any time of day into the perfect time to work out? Sworkit has you covered. This app helps to create personalized workout routines based on the areas of your body that you want to target. It includes visual demonstrations and offers pacing queues and other helpful features so you get the most out of your workout. There’s even a Sworkit Kids for keeping the little ones in your life feeling fit during the cooler Winter months!



Bump Product Image

We’ve looked at reviews for tons of external battery packs over the years, but we gotta say, the Bump looks like a handy piece of kit. Combining a wall charger with a battery pack and a tangle-free cable holder, this little pod offers enough juice to charge most new smartphones at least once. Better still, since you can plug it into the wall and use it as a charger, you can keep extra power on-hand without adding to your normal stash of wires or adapters!

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