We'll be the first to admit that we've installed some pretty brainless apps on our phones. However, one we're sharing with you this week is decidedly more sophisticated.

It's a great reminder that our phones can do more than entertain. They can also educate and enrich our lives.

Stay classy!

Google Arts & Culture


Painting from Google Arts & Culture Collection

Turn your phone or tablet into a global museum with the help of the Google Cultural Institute. Daily picks highlight unique artifacts or works of art and their stories. There’s also some handy features, such as searching by color or period, that can offer a new perspective on arts and culture.

Pokémon Go Privacy Concerns


Pokemon Go Office Screenshot

ExpressVPN highlights some very real Pokemon Go privacy concerns you might be overlooking in your quest to catch them all. Think it’s crazy that your data--including pictures of your home or location--might end up in the wrong hands? Check out this piece on Medium about some of names helping the company behind this smash hit.

The Superbook


The Superbook Product Image

Wish you could use your phone as a laptop? Want an awesome two-in-one but can’t afford it? The Superbook looks like small laptop but is powered by your phone. Pull up apps on the larger screen, write emails with a physical keyboard and enjoy a desktop experience with the help of the trackpad. All starting under $100. There’s a week or so left on the Kickstarter campaign if you want in on the action!



Lifecard stored in wallet

You never know when you might need a quick battery boost for your phone. Perfect for stashing in your wallet or purse, the Lifecard offers 1500mAh of battery life from a pack roughly the size of a credit card. It’s not enogh to fill up most new smartphones, but it’s plenty for an emergency call, Uber ride or searching for directions.



Grover Store Screenshot

Owning the latest tech gear gets expensive. Grover hopes to help this by offering a streamlined electronic rental solution. You pick your gear--from Macbooks and iPhones to PS4s and FitBits--and they ship it to your door. You pay a monthly fee to use the device. When you’re done, they cover shipping to send it back! Regions are currently limited but Grover has plans to expand soon!

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