Modern Atlas


Modern Atlas App Screenshots

Exclusive to iOS, Modern Atlas is a treasure trove of information about locations around the world. Type in your destination, hit search and it combs through more than 20,000 travel guides, Wikipedia and a library of images to help you find the hidden gems and make the most of a visit to any where. Looking for similar features in an Android app? HERE WeGo ties GPS navigation with Wikipedia to make exploring simple.

This is What Apple Should Tell You When You Lose Your iPhone


Losing your iPhone is scary. While the replacement cost is bad enough, the vast amount of personal information on your phone leaves you open for all sorts of financial woes down the road. In this Hackernoon article, Joonas Kiminki highlights a new phishing method running the rounds that preys on people with lost iPhones. If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself if you’ve lost your phone, our guide offers further tips!



Prisma Image Effects Examples

There’s an endless number of apps out there with filters and effects to make your photos stand out. Prisma is one of the first unique offerings we’ve seen in some time. Instead of relying on your phone to tweak images, the app uses neural networks and artificial intelligence on their servers to turn your photos into unique works of art. There’s apps for both Android and iOS, so everyone can join in the fun!

Snowfox Trackerphone


Snowfox Trackerphone attached to Backpack

The Snowfox aims to help parents keep up with kids while providing them the freedom to explore and experience the world around them. There’s no screen--just a single button that phones home. The battery lasts up to a week on a single charge. It even reports a GPS location for monitoring on your phone or computer. Better still, it supports major 2G and 3G networks in 10 different countries. Sounds like the perfect recipe for peace of mind to us!

Peek Screen


Peek Screen Product Image

Tempered glass screen protectors are a popular way to protect your phone from scratches. By polarizing the glass, Peek Screen has created a simple way to keep people from watching what you do on your phone. When viewed from an angle, the screen slowly dims until it’s completely black. No more nosey cubicle neighbors or worries about people watching what you’re doing on crowded commutes!

Safego Portable Safe


Safego Portable Safe with Camera and Phone

Planning to really get away and tour the world? ChatSIM can take the cost and hassle out of keeping in touch. For a small annual fee, you can send unlimited messages from WhatsApp and other popular apps without worrying about roaming. Additional plans make it affordable to send photos and videos or make calls from more than 150 countries as well!

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