Even though we pretty much burned our entire week on Pokemon Go, we still found time to filter through the noise and pick for you a handful of great apps, accessories and tips. We’ll see you again in two weeks!



Homescreen.me App Screenshot

Our phones have become the hub for daily living. Yet, for all the millions of smartphones checking in throughout the day, everyone’s looks a little different. Visiting this site on your iOS device lets you browse the homescreens of others or lets you showcase your own. If you’re on the hunt for a new app, this site is a must-see!



ZEI Tangible Time Tracker Product Image

Time tracking apps are a popular way to boost productivity or keep an eye on expenses. This 8-sided block from Timeular takes a new approach that looks amazing. Just write your tasks on the sides, flip the side up for the task you’re working on the the ZEIº works with your phone to do the rest. A cool mashup of physical and digital!

Stop Facebook from Following You Around the Web


Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at Desk

Facebook is back with yet another update to their terms and conditions. This time they’re tweaking advertising and privacy settings. This article from Gizmodo offers instructions for making sure Facebook is only seeing the information you allow and to tweak those annoying advertisements to at least be relevant. Looking to lock down the privacy on your entire phone? They also have privacy guides for Android and iOS!

Sandisk iXpand Memory Case


Sandisk iXpand Memory Case Product Image

Running out of room for all the apps, games and pictures on your iPhone 6 or 6S? These cases from Sandisk add a protective bumper and up to 128GB of storage space--at a fraction of the price of upgrading to a model with more storage. The case integrates with an app to automatically backup your camera roll and offers password protection to keep your digital files safe.

Ink Hunter


Ink Hunter App Screenshots

Tattoos are a commitment. Unless you’re looking to shell out for costly removal, you and your new ink are linked for life. The InkHunter app lets you test out how a tattoo will look before you climb in the chair. You can choose from the pre-made designs or import your own with a few taps. The app is currently an iOS exclusive, but Android and Windows Phone versions are on the horizon.

Perfect Memory


Perfect Memory Product Image

Ever miss that perfect shot or video while fumbling to launch your camera app? Perfect Memory hopes to fix that. It’s an HD camera you can attach to your clothes or mount virtually anywhere. It records everything as you go about your day. If something exciting happens you want to remember, just tap the camera and it saves up to the last 5 minutes of footage.

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