Temps are rising and summer is officially in full swing here in the Western Hemisphere. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few apps, accessories and articles based around making the most of your day.

Stay cool.



Moment App Screenshot

Worried about your mobile phone obsession? Moment offers a quick overview of how much time you spent on your phone. With the app, you can set limits to trim your own usage or use it to help limit screen time for the kids. Android fans can find similar features with the QualityTime app.

Bioo Lite


Bioo Lite Product Image

Taking green energy to a literal level, the Bioo Lite is a modified planter that uses biochemical reactions to help you charge your phone. They claim that the charger will produce up to 280kWh of electricity a year! All with the power of a house plant.



Edyn Product Image

The Edyn Garden Sensor taps into the power of your smartphone to give you a green thumb. Place the sensor in your planting bed and it will keep tabs on moisture levels, light exposure, humidity and the nutrition of your soil. It can even recommend plants for your region and remind you to harvest!

The End of Reflection


The Thinker Holding a Smartphone

The studies in this article suggest we don’t realize how much we use our phones and just how detrimental the impact of perpetual distraction might be. It also touches on how the way that communication is changing might also change the way that we think. Maybe being bored isn’t so bad?



Meater Product Image

Combining a wireless probe with the processing power of your smartphone, the Meater takes the worry out of grilling. It even accounts for resting time to make restaurant-quality steaks a snap. With more than $2-million raised on IndieGoGo, a lot of people are going to be upping their grilling game this summer!

Smartphone App That is Changing the World

For Fun

Upright Citizens Brigade chimed in on the world’s obsession with their mobile phones in a hilarious app commercial parody. We couldn’t resist sharing. See you in two weeks!

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