These days ride sharing services like Uber and car sharing services like Car2Go are getting a lot of headlines. They’re giving taxi drivers road rage and worrying executives at car companies. And for good reason—these services disrupt both traditional car ownership models and the way people travel locally.

Below we share a few great ride sharing apps to enhance the experience as well as uncover some possible alternatives to get you from point A to B with the help of your phone!

P.S. This parody of the movie Drive offers an 'Uber' funny take on ride sharing.

Drive 2 - The Uber Years


Waze Carpool


Waze Carpool Logo

If you’re a fan of mobile GPS apps, you know about Waze. The app uses reports from drivers to assess delays and report speed traps, saving you time and money.

They're now putting the same interface and community-based mapping to use for ride sharing. The pilot program is currently limited to the San Francisco Bay area. However, the service might add another contender to the ride share market soon.

Costs of Ride Sharing and Car Ownership Compared


Ridesharing Costs vs Ownership Costs

Ride sharing and car sharing are both touted as affordable alternatives to vehicle ownership. If you live in a rural area, this might seem crazy. But it turns out if you’re living in a major metropolitan area, it might work you! This article from Money Crashers breaks down costs in two cities. Take a look at how things might pan out for you without having to spend a month riding with strangers.

Fare E$timate

Web Apps

Fair E$timate Web App Screenshot

Even if you’re not a daily ride share user, you’ve probably heard of Uber and Lyft. These days they’re locked in a major price war. One service almost always offering discounts to lure riders to their drivers. Fare E$timate is a handy site that compares current rates from both services.

The Hidden Costs of Ride Sharing


Person running from rain

You might question the safety of a sketchy cab driver or Lyft driver before jumping into the car. But did you consider the information your mobile is giving away while you cruise across town?

Quartz recently covered an interesting interview from NPR on Uber's tracking habits. There's also this 2014 story from VentureBeat about Uber’s Android app permissions. Concerned about your privacy? Sticking to public transit or booking using your computer might be a better option.



Hitch-A-Ride App Screenshot

Most ride sharing services pair random riders with random drivers. Hitch-A-Ride uses social media to help you find rides with family and friends nearby. For those new to ride sharing, this offers an alternative to hopping into an anonymous Prius after a night out.

Group features are also available to help organize workplace carpools. However, one of the most interesting options offered is the ability to barter for fare. Don’t have the cash for a ride? How about giving the driver pizza instead?



Transit App Screenshots

While it lacks the door-to-door service of ride sharing, public transit often beats walking. If you’re looking for the fastest or cheapest route to your destination, Transit is the app for you.

Available for iOS and Android, Transit gives you instant access to interactive transit maps, ride share services and car rentals. Just a few taps is all it takes to compare costs and travel times.

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