The ability to create groups with your BlackBerry smartphone is a useful function that has many uses. A Sales Manager may want to create a group of all the members of his field team, or perhaps you may want to just create a list of your closest friends who you talk to often. In both these cases and others, creating a group allows you to send a message once and have it received by all members of the group.


  1. 1

    Go into your address book.

  2. 2

    Press the BlackBerry menu button and select “New Group”.

  3. 3

    You will be prompted to name the group, so choose a name for the group.

    create group blackberry
  4. 4

    After naming the group, press enter and you will be prompted to select a member.

  5. 5

    Continue selecting members until your new group is complete.

    So the next time you want to share a joke, invite friends to a party, update your sales team, your groups will work hard for you.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can always go back and add or delete members from the group, create new groups or delete the group entirely.