While mobile phones might seem complicated at first, they hold a number of benefits for seniors looking to stay in touch with family or friends and explore the world around them.

But which model should you choose? With hundreds of options available, finding the best phone might seem intimidating.

You need not worry.

We're here to help!

Before diving into reviews to find the best senior mobiles in 2017, we came up with a few requirements:

Availability: A specialized mobile doesn’t help much if there’s no one there to provide support should things go wrong. We wanted to find options that most people could find either online through major retailers or at a local store.

Ease of Use: Having a mobile you can’t use is more frustrating than not having one at all. Whether this is your first mobile or an upgrade, we wanted to find choices that were simple to learn and use.

Reliability: As smartphones continue to become common parts of daily life, they aren’t always the dependable devices they used to be. We wanted to find models that offered consistent performance and would withstand daily use with minimal frustration and need for replacement.

Features for Seniors: From hearing aid compatibility or emergency call buttons to specialized menus and interfaces for easy use, we wanted our picks to include features beneficial to senior citizens.

With these options in mind, we filtered through a slough of contenders until options until 5 emerged.

Doro PhoneEasy 508

With its candybar format, bright display and hardware buttons for common features, the Doro Phone Easy 508 offers an experience very similar to a traditional cordless phone.

It’s unlocked and supports 3G. This means it’ll work with a wide range of networks without the need for a contract or finance agreement.

Features include a dedicated flashlight button and hearing aid compatibility.

Doro PhoneEasy 508 (Unlocked)
From £25.49 at Amazon

The optional charging dock stood out to us as well. We think the ability to just set the mobile down in the cradle and not mess with tiny cords and ports is worth the added price!

Doro 6030

As we age, things get a little harder. Eyesight, hearing and motor skills might not always be what they once were. This is where the Doro 6030 helps.

With its flip design, large keypad, high-contrast display and memory calling keys for quick dialing, the Doro 6030 is an excellent choice for seniors looking for a mobile phone for added peace of mind.

As an unlocked 2G device, this mobile will work with most UK networks. All you need is a SIM!

Doro 6030
From £43.49 at Amazon

Features include storage space for up to 200 contacts, two direct dial buttons, and a basic camera.

iPhone SE

It seems that smartphones from most popular brands today keep getting bigger and bigger. If you don’t want something that’s going to take up your entire pocket or require two-hands to use, the iPhone SE’s 4-inch display offers one of the most compact smartphone experiences available.

However, the biggest reason this mobile makes the list is the consistent experience, quality design and world-class support offered by Apple. The phone’s hardware offers more than enough performance for typical use.

Battery life should last well through the day as well. You’ll also find a number of smartphone accessibility features in the settings to improve screen visibility and adjust hearing aid compatibility.

iPhone SE
From £299 at Amazon

Features include a 12MP camera on the back of the phone for taking pictures, a 1.2MP camera on the front for video chat and selfies, up to 64GB of storage and a fingerprint sensor to avoid having to remember complex passwords or gestures.

iPhone 7 Plus

While this is the largest option on the list, we don’t consider that a bad thing. You’ll need to hold the the iPhone 7 Plus with two-hands. However, this can add some stability to the experience and prevent accidental drops or damage. The large 5.5-inch display also provides more room for adjusting accessibility settings without cramping the screen.

As with the iPhone SE, this choice stands out for its world-class support, durable design and consistent experience.

In general, if you’ve ever seen an iPhone, they all work almost the same. This means should you need to replace your smartphone or upgrade to a new version later, you won’t have to relearn how to use it. Just power it on and get back to life!

iPhone 7 Plus
From £649 at Amazon

The iPhone 7 Plus also includes one of the best cameras currently available in a mobile device. This is great for video chat with family and friends. Storage ranges from 32GB to 256GB, ensuring plenty of room for photos, apps and media--even on the basic model.

NOTE: One potential drawback to the iPhone 7 Plus is a lack of headphone jack. This means if you want to use headphone or a microphone to talk, you’ll need to purchase an adapter or use wireless headphones.

Doro Liberto 825

Known for their simple, high-quality mobile phones with an emphasis on easy operation Doro's Liberto 825 is a great choice for seniors looking for a basic smartphone.

Large on-screen buttons make it easy to find common features while the high-contrast hardware buttons on the front of the phone avoid the hassle of finding a touch-based button.

It is a great compromise between the basic and full-featured mobiles on this list. Features include a 5-inch touchscreen display, an 8MP rear camera, voice dialing, an emergency call button and hearing aid compatibility.

Doro Liberto 825
From £180.58 at Amazon

Final Thoughts

Mobile phones are a great way to stay in touch with family and friends and reach help should an emergency arise. In the case of smartphones, they’re also becoming a central hub for the entertainment, news and research in our lives.

The five choices above for best senior mobile span the full range of options--from simple to the cutting-edge--and offer exceptional value to senior citizens.

Before you get your new phone, there are a few other points to consider:

The True Cost of Mobile Devices

When shopping around, many sites and stores will list two prices.

The lower price is often a monthly payment plan which typically requires a credit check and allows you pay off the device over 2 years.

While this is great for getting a newer mobile without impacting your budget upfront, it also means you must maintain service with that carrier for the next two years as well.

The window to get a refund or cancel your contract is only 14 days.

If you choose to go with this type of deal, be sure to use your new device often to uncover any concerns or questions you might have before you’re locked into the contract.

Paying for your mobile upfront often removes this contract requirement. If it is also unlocked, you can switch between networks if you do not like the service you receive.

If you pay for your device in full and it isn’t already unlocked, most networks will unlock it for no charge once you meet their requirements.

For more information on the benefits to buying an unlocked mobiles, consult our guide.

Choosing a Good Plan for Your Needs

When you’re picking a tariff to go with your mobile, there’s a good chance the salesperson will try to convince you to take a package much larger than you need.

Related: Compare mobile tariffs

Finding a good package for your needs might seem tricky at first. However, most postpaid and prepaid tariffs today offer fairly generous allotments for voice calls and texting.

Where the big price differences lie is data.

It’s important to have enough data because overage fees add up fast. However, if you’re paying for data each month that you don’t use, you’re paying more than you should.

Our guide on finding the amount of data you need will make this step simple.

Don’t Forget the Prepaid Networks

If you’re new to mobile phones, you might think that a monthly tariff is the obvious way to go.

However, unless you need unlimited minutes, lots of data or international calling features, there’s a good chance prepaid networks will save you money and make billing simpler.

Most networks can tell you if your phone is compatible with their service with a quick phone call.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

  • A stylus pen is a great way to improve accuracy and make it easier to use your screen. Not to mention there’s less smudges and fingerprints to clean up later. Our stylus pen summaries offer advice on finding the perfect option to suit your preferences!
  • You might also consider a protective case. While they’ll make your mobile a little bigger and heavier, a good case can be the difference between a shattered screen or no scratches at all should you drop it.
  • Lastly, if you’re always on the go, a smartphone car mount makes it easier to use navigation, hands-free calling and other features without distracting yourself or forcing you to dig under the seat for your mobile when you get home.

Your Turn

If you have any additional questions about the options listed here or have an alternate suggestion, leave us a comment below!

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