What is Game Center?

Game Center is a social gaming network application that comes with the latest iOS versions. It allows you to track your achievements, start a multiplayer game by inviting your friends and compare high scores with your friends. It turns iOS gaming into an activity that you can partake with others.

Games and apps are integrated into Game Center automatically. Most iOS games utilize Game Center features including:

Leaderboards – Game Center keeps track of high scores from your friends and players from around the world. You can compare yourself against others to see how good you truly are.

Multiplayer – Game Center can host multiplayer game sessions between players to allow to play with and/or against each other in real-time.

Achievements – You can view all your achievements for each game in Game Center.

Challenges – Send and receive challenges from your friends.


How to Use Game Center

Launch the Game Center app from your iOS menu, you'll be asked to create a new account if you've never used Game Center before. Once you've created an account, Game Center will automatically search your device for all installed games and integrate them. You can then access all your games from Game Center or use Game Center features inside your game.

Inspecting your games from within Game Center allows you to track your rank and achievements. Based on your existing games, you will given a list of recommended games that are similar to the games you already have installed.


Be Social

Using the social gaming network app you have the ability to add friends who you played in the past. Once they become your friend you can compare your stats and scores to their scores. This provides a bit of friendly competition to keep you playing. Chatting and other common social app features are included as well.

Game Center is all about providing a platform for players to meet, compare and compete. Once signed into Game Center it will continually track all your stats. You can then compare your stats with players from around the world and see where you lay on the leaderboards.


Play With Others

iOS gaming has come a long way in the last few years, when the iPhone was first released there were very few multiplayer games. However since the release of Game Center in September 2010 we are now blessed by a unified social gaming network that allows us to interact with one another inside our iOS games.

Matchmaking can be accessed inside Game Center or the game itself. You are able to invite your friends to play with you or select “automatch” to play against a random opponent.


Track Your Stats

Every score you achieve is recorded by Game Center and used to rank you on the leaderboards. Achievements and challenges count towards your profile points which indicates how many in-game goals you were able to reach.

Apple's Game Center is a great solution to a unique problem of the iOS platforms. Ever since its release we have been spoiled by fun multiplayer capabilities and a detailed stats and score tracking system. Give it a try for yourself to see how iOS gaming has become much more involved and social.