The much touted iPhone has, in its most recent incarnation, become somewhat divisive among dedicated cell phone users. Loyal Apple-ites maintain the iPhone is the finest, most thoughtfully engineered cell phone ever, while critics point to an odd lack of certain features.

Following is my list of the new iPhone's most obvious deficiencies. Let me know what you think.

1. No removable battery

One company VP told me that after a couple conference calls his iPhone's battery is dead and he can't use it again until he charges it. He exclaimed that while he enjoys many of the phones features the lack of a removable battery makes it challenging as a tool in the business world.

2. No MMS

Many were surprised when the 3G iPhone came out and still was unable to open a picture or video message. iPhone users have commented on the inconvenience caused when they receive a text message from a friend that contains a picture that they cannot open.

3. No Removable Memory

Expandable memory has become a staple among most cell phones. In fact, it's even considered part of an entry-level feature set. Yet the iPhone gives you a limited amount of memory and that's that.

4. No 3G

Actually that's not exactly fair. But the fact is there are many angry iPhone owners claiming they cannot receive or maintain a strong 3G signal, and at least one lawsuit over the matter. If you claim fast speeds, deliver.

5. Weak Camera

Other phones in the same category contain a flash, higher megapixel resolution and generally a richer, deeper selection of camera functionality. For such a flagship device to contain a weak camera is strange and unfortunate.

Final Thoughts...

The iPhone has a number of other deficiencies that become more apparent once you begin using it regularly. No speed dial, no Java, no dial up tethering, no way to select specific text which results in leaning on the delete button, and you cannot cut/copy/paste.

What do you think?