Why can`t I make or receive calls on the LG Rumor?

My phone was working okay but now I can't make outgoing or receive incoming calls on my LG Rumour phone.  I just get a busy signal when doing both.

I just had the phone activated last week. Perhaps I pushed some wrong buttons when configuring it?


Check if you're phone is on Airplane/Music Mode. When in Airplane/Music Mode, your phone’s standby screen will display “Phone Off.” When you set your phone
to Airplane/Music Mode, it cannot send or receive any calls or access online information. Here's how to turn on/off Airplane/Music Mode:
1. Press Menu > Settings/Tools > Settings > Airplane/Music
2. Read the disclaimer and press OK.
3. Select On, Off or On Power Up and press OK.

If Airplane/Music mode is turned off and phone still can't make or receive calls, bring it to the store you purchased it from and have them check the problem. Also see if you have reception in your area. It's also possible you don't have reception and that's why you can't make and receive calls.

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