Why are the Solo Mobile phones not shut off after 30 days in not paid?

I have been with Solo, since 2008 they had a credit card on file ,but was charging it double some months for no reason, so I cancelled it, (the card) although my bills where paid after, I reviewed them, now they attach this information to Equifax. and naturally they went over 30 days, and always we went south i the winter months, and never had an issue, until last March 2015, now they registered it on Equifax as late payments. We have no contract and never did, We bought the phone with cash. and just used their services. but why was the service not. shut off if not paid within the 30 days. and they do shut it off after 60 days and charge a reinstatement fee. but still report it to Equifax , how can they rationalize,this when the service has been suspended. and no balance is owing and never was. maybe 80.00 at the most for a month, since this company is Bell should they have the power to potentially destroy, your credit, ??????????? it did not destroy ours but we did loose points. on the beacon score. lucky we had a 850 plus when this was done. I think Bell should be held accountable for their action. whether it be a lawsuit (class action) or fix some of the quirks because , all of our jobs have been out soursed to the offshore people. and everybody has had nothing good to say about the customer service. we quiver every time we need to call them. (you need to set aside half a day to get a straight answer from them.

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