Where can I download the Apple iPad Air instruction manual?

I very recently purchased a apple ipad air. Will it take a card as I live in a black spot and I am unable to connect to the internet with it.

Please advise how to set pictures and documents on one direction. When I turn the iPad, the picture turns automatically. It's most of times, but I like to have a control of it.

Amazon , Type in Help me guide through ipod air

Was locked out of Safari. Now OK. Pages app limits me to 3 choices - create new doc, doc being created and a blank. Previously offered a range of choices. How canI restore them ? Thanks

My iPad is slow and not working like it use to


Ipad wont turn on, tried holding s/w and power for ten sec. Nothing

Please follow The Informr Team's answer above. :)

How can I get manual for Apple iPad air?

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