Why does Rogers plan indicate unlimited minutes when it's only unlimited from 3 to 6?

How could any of this be better stated? It cuoldn't.

HI VICKIE ... I BET THAT IS 3am to 6am too !!

They give u stuff that is worth nothing
want to know why ... They are scammers ... If u don't read every single word and if u're a regular person, like most of us and don't understand every single minute condition, then that's why we are all scammed.

Call rogers c/s is the next joke ... Make sure u have at least an hour of yr life that u don't want to ever get back !!

They will repeat ... Sorry, we stated this and that and you signed the contract, didn't you read it ... That is what they will do ... Put the blame back on you ... Sorry to burst any bubbles ... If i didn't, rogers will be sure to do that ... It is the only guarantee they offer.

Hi Vickie. Which exact Rogers plan do you have? I may be able to provide you more details about your plan.

You may also call Rogers customer service (1-888-764-3771) so they can help you with your concerns. For more options on how to contact Rogers, click here.

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