yaffa elefant

How to assign contact on speed dial on the Pantech Crossover?

Well... the most "speed" dial for this phone could be via using Voice Dialer.

1. Tap Voice Dialer from the applications menu.
2. Say a contact’s name, e.g. Mike, on the mic.
3. Tap on the message or OK.
For example, if you have said “Mike,” Call Mike on mobile will appear on the screen.

Here are the instructions on how to assign speed dial/favorite contacts:
Save a favorite contact
- From the home screen, tap Contacts.
- Scroll to and tap the desired contact.
- Tap the Star icon to save the contact as a favorite.
- The contact will be updated with a highlighted star.

View and edit favorite contacts
- From the home screen, tap Contacts.
- Tap the favorites tab to view favorite contacts.
- Tap a contact to view the full contact information.
- Tap and hold a contact to remove it from favorites.

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