Why can't blitz-light turn off on the Doro PhoneEasy 624?

My father has a Doro PhoneEasy 624. Suddenly the blitz-light turned itself on and I can't turn it off. Switching the phone off and on again doesn't help.

Hi Karl. It's ok. I think you meant camera flash. If you want to turn it off, Press Menu > Settings > Camera > Flash > Off.

Let me know if that works.

Dear Carl P

Thank you for the answer. Sorry for my late respons. I've been away.

The blitz light is the really sharp light that is next to the camera lens. It is in use when you shoot a photo and there's not enough natural light. However, on my father's phone it's on all the time now and I can't turn it off.

As mentioned in my question, I have turned the phone on and off. It doesn't help.

Best regards


Hi Karl. I'm sorry but what is blitz light? Have you tried simply restarting the phone?

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