How much to pay for early cancellation of contract?

I have contract with solo for over years and want to switch to other service provider. What kind of penality will I get?


I'm in Ontario of Canada, signed a Fido 3 yr plan and to get a discontinued Blackberry Curve (at the time signing contract), now still have 18 months to go. Want to cancel now and don't want to pay almost $400-. In a website, found a person saying he can take over all kind of plan, just pay him $50-; he will do all transfer first, until I found the name in my plan changed, then pay him C$50- cash. Any one think is this s scam?

You must pay an amount, plus applicable taxes, equal to the greater of $100 or $20 per month for each month remaining in your Service Commitment Period, to a maximum of $400, due to termination of your monthly rate plan; and an amount plus applicable taxes, equal to " the Data Credit" divided by the total number of months in the Service Commitment Period, multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Service Commitment Period after termination, due to termination of your data plan or feature which you committed to receive during the Service Commitment Period. Both amounts (plus applicable taxes) shall be payable if you terminate both monthly rate and data plans, or a combined monthly rate and data plan, before the end of your Service Commitment Period. source

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